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First class policies

Our aim is to bring the best policies to Derby
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End Wasteful Spending

The local government spending must be reined in and Councils obliged to prioritise vital services; taxes should not be increased in order to fund waste. We, in UKIP, will always be sensible and cautious when spending taxpayers money.

Keeping the NHS

UKIP fully support keeping the NHS free at the point use and will fight for the best health service in Derby: one of which the Residents can be justly proud.

Supporting businesses

We will create Small Business Development Centre to support new businesses and small businesses

Working for you

UKIP Councillors will be free to vote independently on all local issues and are not “whipped” – like other parties. UKIP councillors will not be told how to vote and only answer to you, the electorate.

Council Tax

UKIP will keep Council tax low. In 2017 the Labour-run Council put up Council tax up by 6% whilst cutting services. They could only do this because the Tories did not vote! Why should you pay more for less?


UKIP will increase spending on removing potholes. It is unacceptable that we now have so many unfit roads. We will ensure potholes, broken street lights and signs are repaired rapidly and correctly, rather than just being a temporary fix.

Our Councillors

Feel free to contact UKIP Derby on: 01332 806 966


Our no whip system allows us to put the people first, not the party.



UKIP Derby

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